Contract Sevices

Industrial Packing

Industrial Packing

Industrial packing for export or local transportation is one of our core services. We offer unparalleled expertise in blocking, bracing, securing, and moisture-protecting goods inside closed containers, and for open-top and flat-rack containers as well. SNTT is one of the Malaysian longest established and most experienced packing company; we are serving our customers for more than 40 years.

We also offer the service of disassembling heavy duty machinery to facilitate loading into standard or 40 ft. high cube containers.

What We Do

We are proud to say that we have substantial equipments and manpower to facilitate huge warehouses ranging from 3 to 6 acres in size.

We pack, crate and protect everything from the smallest piece of electronic equipment to an entire factory of large industrial machines. Our services include:

  • Packing shipments into containers, crates and more
  • Building custom crates
  • Vacuum packing
  • Loading imports for shipment by truck


 Kiln Dry and Heat Treatment Services


Kiln-drying is a process of placing products (normally lumber/wood) into kilns where heated air is circulated and the temperature and humidity of the kiln is controlled for the purpose of reaching the wood’s equilibrium moisture content (EMC) -a balance between the moisture of the wood, and the humidity of its surrounding environment, depending upon the end wood products application specifications.

SNTT kiln dry process help you

  • To reduce susceptibility to moulds and fungal decay
  • To meet manufacturing specifications i.e. moisture content
  • To reduce shrinkage after delivery to users
  • To cut out contact water damage for food and drink shippers or customers who store paper or cartons on timber pallets
  • To maximize strength
  • To make empty pallets easier to move by hand, since kiln dried timber is lighter than green undried timber
  • To reduce corrosion of nails and metal fixings

Heat treatment is a process of heating and products (normally lumber/wood) to prevent harmful insects from being transported by the wood pallet from one location to another. These harmful insects are responsible for destroying many trees across our country and others. The heat treating process kills the insects to prevent them from spreading.

SNTT heat treat process help you

  • Destroys harmful insects and parasites such as insects and larvae
  • Reduces the moisture content and weight of pallets
  • Facilitates pallet handling
  • Heat treatment is a much cleaner option than chemical treatment and is favored by most pallet manufacturers.