Manufacturing Services

SNTT specializes in manufacturing a wide range of standard and customized Wooden Pallets, Wooden Crates, and Wooden Boxes. The low and competitive price of SNTT wooden products are widely demanded across all industries.

SNTT serves not only the big players but also welcome the new players that require a minimal order quantity of wooden products to work with us. Our manufacturing unit ensure that the products are produced in compliance with industrial norms and standards. We manufacture all our products with high grade raw material.

Wooden Pallet

Two Way Pallet

Four Way Pallet

Why SNTT Wooden Pallet?                                   

  • Cheap compared to plastic and metal pallets.
  • Recyclable and made from renewable resources.
  • High friction compared to plastic and metal pallets.
  • Very strong and stiff in relation to their cost.
  • Repaired easily if damaged.

SNTT standard and customized pallet

We make various kind of standard and customized wooden pallet

- Loading pallets
- Export pallets
- 2 way pallet
- 4 way pallet
- Reversible pallet

Wooden Crate

Why SNTT Wooden Crates?                                                                     

  • Affordable price –the materials used to construct wooden crates is simpler and require less processing, therefore the overall cost to manufacture them is lesser
  • Easy and fast to manufacture from a set of design, based on your specification.
  • Secure and sturdy –provide excellent protection
  • Easily stacked

Wooden Box

Why SNTT Wooden Box?                                                                          

  • Perfect packaging solutions for heavy goods
  • Effectively handle heavy mechanical stress that comes with storage, packaging and transportation processes.
  • Easily stacked - beneficial for optimizing space for bulk transportation of packaged goods
  • Highly resistant to moisture making wood containers essential for the transporting of goods prone to moisture damage.